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Effective Innovation Superior Engineering + Design HVAC Centrifugal
Upblast Fans
Grease Duct Direct Fired Heaters
Heaters - Direct Gas Fired Make-Up Air Package
The Direct Gas Fired Make-Up Air package is designed to deliver tempered make-up air for installations requiring frequent air changes. Units are designed for natural and propane gas applications, and for indoor or outdoor installation.
Air Volume:   1000 - 21000 cfm
Maximum SP:   2" wg. @ standard air density
  + Fully insulated casing
+ Redundant gas valves
+ Horizontal or vertical discharge
Exhaust Fans - Direct Drive & Belt Drive   Filtered Rooftop Make-Up Air Fans
+ Direct Drive and Belt Drive
+ Variety of motor options
+ Heavy Duty Construction
+ Easy to install and service
Air Volume:
100 - 23800 cfm
Maximum SP:
2.5" wg. @ standard air desnity
Filtered rooftop make-up air fan designed to deliver fresh outside air for applications requiring frequent air changes. Offer reliability and design excellence at a great value.
Air Volume:
0 - 21000 cfm
Maximum SP:
2" wg. @ standard air desnity

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